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Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm With Sarah On This One

I've actually been brewing this post for a while. But, I get lazy and just forget to do stuff.

Caillou is a total fucking brat. I'd like to spank him every day for a year.

He whines about everything. I've heard him say "I don't LIKE" this person or that person - without being corrected that this is rude. He makes incredible, thoughtless messes and his mother laughs like he's cute.

"Oh Caillou." Giggle giggle.

Because it's cute when children create havoc without consequences, without learning that there is a cause and affect to their actions. And they should be allowed to be rude to people without being corrected. This encourages positive social interactions, I'm sure.
Allegedly the monks used to say "Give us the child for the first seven years and we'll give you the man."
Seriously, can we send them Caillou? I bet they'd straighten his little ass out right quick.
Worst kid's show ever. Seriously.


Laura said...

Yeah, it's called the "Whiny Little Brat Show" at my house. Hate it. A lot.

Gidge said...

I am right now watching an entire episode where Caillou has thrown a tantrum for the first five minutes.
I would never stop spanking this brat.