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Friday, September 19, 2014

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

The girl is a night owl. She likes to stay up late and sleep in late. Lately, her thing has been to get into bed with me but then refuse repeatedly to go to sleep. Rather, she waits until I am really solidly asleep, to wake me because
  • She has to go to the bathroom
  • She wants to talk about farts
  • She wants to go to the bathroom to fart
  • She heard a noise
  • Fix it Felix is sad because she doesn't have a pony
  • The frogs are too loud
  • The bugs are too loud
  • Various other sundry items

She will wake me up repeatedly, with these and other complaints and concerns. Mostly, she just wants me to wake up. 

We told her last night that she's a great big girl, she doesn't need me to wake up when she goes to the bathroom and she doesn't need to wake up up to do things with her. She's four, she needs to just do what she needs to do and get back into bed. 

So last night, in the wee hours, a little voice whispered while she shook my arm. "Mom, Mom, Mom...There's a booger on my finger."

I open my eyes to behold the booger being presented.

"But don't worry, Mom," she continued. "I am going to go get a tissue now."