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Monday, September 08, 2014

A Wandering Sunday

We set out to go to the mountains. Not originally, mind you. Originally we were going to the Aquarium. But the FALCONS were in town, and that means going downtown is RIGHT OUT. So we said we'd go the other direction and it was a beautiful day for some mountain air. Except we wanted to go to Brasstown Bald. And then that was too far and it was too late. So we wandered to the mountains anyway and found a pottery museum.
It was all about the North Georgia tradition of pottery making, and how eventually glass jars nearly killed the entire trade. Which was interesting. What was also interesting was how individual pottery is, and how long the traditions of it run.
Every place has it's own traditions, so it was interesting to see how the traditional pottery of Georgia settlers looks and is used. I was really interested that storing syrup, their only way of sweetening, was of huge value and you had to have special pots of that. Who knew?
There is knowledge missing in the world, because we don't do these things - like NEEDING TO STORE SYRUP - anymore in our lives. We don't value things that are simple but well made. I think that's a pity.
It made me want a lot of hand thrown pottery for everyday use, the kind that feels heavy in your hand and is useful yet still pretty. Maybe NOT a head shaped jar. But - maybe?
We didn't know what to do this day, so we just got in our car and and we drove. It was a sign by the side of the road that led us to this pottery museum and we spent a couple of hours learning about things we hadn't even thought of before. It was pretty fascinating.

A lot of people always think it's odd or amazing, or somewhere in between that we take two severely autistic boys places like this. But as you can see, they were interested. Did they totally get it? Hard to say. Their receptive language skills are quiet good.
Did they behave perfectly? Nope. They never do.
But when we're all together we're making memories and that's what matters. Even when the memories aren't perfect. We're together and we're a family.
And some days, that's the best we're going to get.