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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So Much To Do So MANY CHILDREN To Do It With

Saturday rituals now include soccer for the net few months, at least for the girl. She's in a weird transition of being a silly dork on the field, to actually playing sometimes. This week she scored three times, twice for the other team. Luckily they don't actually keep score (WE TOTALLY KEEP SCORE) and so we cheered her on. The concept of "which goal" still eludes her. But the idea of competing is taking hold, which I love.
Do I want my girl to be competitive? You bet your ass I do.

After the game and blistering sun (it's September why are we still baking?) we had the big boys' official birthday party with his friends.
This photo is entitled GAME OVER MAN GAME OVER - thanks to my friend Natalie.
Laser Tag parties are a little too much fun. Especially when Mom gets to play and kick everyone's butt.
Ok he got me that time, but seriously it was only because I was taking pictures.

It was interesting, two girls came, and we're finally at that AGE. That age of girls watching boys play video games. And boys saying "hey watch me play this video game." It's kind of adorable.
THAT'S RIGHT I took a picture of it because it was so cute to me. She's WATCHING HIM PLAY.

Marking that off my milestone chart for pre-teens right now.
The little ones love this place because there is lots to do. I taught Miles and Julia the joy of air hockey.
And most importantly of all, to celebrate turning 12 - we had a Godzilla cake that would roar and light up.
The cake was a smashing hit, I was amused by the great manners all the boys used to ask me for more more more more. Growing boys, I guess.
Natalie I think pointed out to me that Julia looks peeved that she isn't getting all the attention. Lol, well that could be. Obviously it's not as much fun at the sibling table.
But there was still cake and snacks. I think they weren't really at a hardship at all. Julia just doesn't like to miss out on any fun, and she thinks the 12 year olds are having all the fun.
Laser Tag is hilarious and awesome. We're thinking about doing it with the whole family some time just for grins. THAT should be an adventure, eh?

The boy doesn't actually turn 12 for a few more days, but I think his party with his friends was one of his favorites ever.