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Sunday, September 28, 2014

On Daddy's Day Off

Daddy went to watch football and not worry about diapers or potty training or dinner, or the bills, or the pool, or what needs fixed, or cleaned, or laundry. He went to drink beer and cheer on the Colts (GO COLTS) and relax.
So, we went on a picnic.
We went to the Environmental and Heritage Center in the woods down the road to eat our lunch and take a short walk. A very short walk.
It was an adventure though, through the woods and we saw lots of beautiful things.
The walk did us all good, fresh air and a cool breeze is never a bad thing and I think it was just nice not to be cooped up in the house.
We're calling this NATURES TOILET. Or Lou is.
The Heritage is a green facility and they have a lovely water reclamation site that they've cleverly disguised as landscaping.
We wandered along the waterway and enjoyed the peaceful sounds of rushing water and the wind through the trees. Why did we ever stay home on these days? We should always come out.
The best part of our part is when Julia farted. Have I mentioned that she thinks you aren't supposed to fart in your pants and cries hysterically whenever it happens? That makes us laugh and then she cries more. We're mean.
But it IS funny.