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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Children's Museum...it CHANGED

My twenty something plans of getting married in front of the T-Rex at the Children's Museum are clearly off the table, because even if I weren't already married - THERE IS NO T-REX there anymore. Well there is one, but it's not out front.
I can forgive them though, as it's still the most MAGICAL Children's Museum ON THE EARTH.
We got to show our children the REAL Terra Cotta Warriors and then, we got to assemble our own!
I feel like they did a pretty good job, all in all.

We haven't been there since Louis was three and then he was afraid to go see the then NEW dinosaur exhibit. Not so much this time.
We saw some old friends, like the WATERCLOCK and I was remembering when it was new and amazing and how everyone used to line up to watch it go.
I have to admit, it is still pretty cool.
The other old friend that I was ecstatic to see was the polar bear. We read stories of it having been ruined several years ago, when some hillbilly tried to climb it and ripped the arm off. I remember this bear from when I was a very little girl, and I was so happy to see it had been repaired. I know that's silly, a poor dead polar bear that shouldn't have been killed probably. But it was and it's an essential part of the museum and my childhood.
Silly old bear.
There is so much to do there, that it feels to me that if you did it all properly, it'd be a two day event. We were Griswalding hardcore to get through the end and we missed a lot.
I could barely even remember where the exhibit was I used to volunteer, but it didn't matter. They've filled it with so much that's amazing. My kids were entranced.
I feel like if I never did anything else right, taking my kids to the Indianapolis Children's Museum will be one thing I DID do right. I'm so glad it's still magical and amazing and full of wonder for everyone.
This picture, btw, is legally required of all natural born Hoosiers. We are required to photograph our offsping in Indycars as often as possible. I don't make the laws people. I just do what I have to do.