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Friday, June 21, 2013

Fathers Day Failure And Being Happy Anyway

It might've been the influence of the Dark Side but our carefully laid plans for fathers day when awry about 45 minutes from home. 
The plan was simple, drive up to Brasstown Bald for our traditional Father's Day Mountain Time and then, quick snack picnic, then to the Outback for dinner. Simple, no?

It went sideways when my GPS took us off course - and then we were late. Then, I had forgotten to give the girl her dramamine and as we came down the second switchback....BAAAAAARRRRRF. All over the backseat of the car.

Plan B was invoked. We were 10 minutes from Helen, GA. So to Helen, GA we went.
We went to our favorite place, Charlemagne's Kingdom, to see the trains and just relax for a while. The kids LOVE this layout. The owners are amazingly sweet and nice, and let the twins in for free because they are autistic. 
It's a magical layout, and I'm not sure when we'll get to the point that we believe we've seen it all. There is so much detail and fun hidden all around it.
After we had taken in the view from the North Sea to the Alps - we decided to find dinner. After some considerations of here and there, we ended up at a place called Bodensee just a step off the beaten path in Helen, featuring more north German fare which was amazing.

The owner of the restaurant had a treasure chest for the kids and Julia got a little pink purse that she is now completely enamored of. This might be her third pink purse but you'd think it was her only one she was so in love with it.

So how was our day? Not the day we planned. Our plans were ruined. 

But how was our day? Really? It was amazing and wonderful and one of the best days ever.