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Friday, June 14, 2013

This Is Why I'm Tired Today

Last night I felt I'd scored a small victory, I'd talked the girl into letting me sleep on my own side of the bed. Actually, I told her - you sleep on Daddy's side. I want my own side. That worked for a moment, but then her brother came in to kiss her good night and she says "Lou will you come snuggle with us too?"

And then two of them are in bed.

I moved her over to the other side, putting me in the middle - he sleeps too hard and I worry that he won't realize he's laying on her, and then, I've got two children bascially draped across me. Every time I move, they fill the void in space where I was making it impossible to put that limb or bit of torso BACK in that spot.

I'm smooshed.

That's not why I'm tired.

From the boys room is a loud chorus of "Q FOR QUEEN" and other alphabet things. It's been going on for a while. But I get up and find my earplugs, and again this isn't why I'm tired.

I am tired because the girl keeps waking me up. She's wiggling. She's doing things but I can't ever wake up enough to divine WHAT she's doing. Something she's not supposed to be doing.

At one point I look over and see her holding her sippy cup - with her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk. SWALLOW IT I whisper, knowing what she's doing. She does and giggles and gives me an unusually wet kiss. Her face seems wet. I can't figure out why. I fall back asleep.

I'm awoken when Miles needs changed, the husband has come to do it - apparently the ABC litany is secret code for CHANGE ME tonight. I get up and realize, the sippy cup is EMPTY and upon the girl moving to her own bed, her spot is soaked.

She has been laying in bed spitting fountains of water all over herself, and my pillow and spot in the bed.

So a towel was put down and I elected to sleep and extra thirty minutes this morning.

But that's why I'm tired.

(Pic is from my son's big 80s dance. I wasn't tired that day. It's my inspiration to survive today!)