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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Adventure, One Soda Pop At A Time

My friend at worked had picked up this exotic soda somewhere and could not get anyone else at work to try it. This is apparently the only indigenous soda drink made in India. And it is SUPPOSED to taste like alcohol but have no alcohol in it. It was originally called Whiskey No and this apparently appealed to people.
My friend from work was who I went into the city in NY with and had adventurous dinner in China Town.. So he knew I'd at least try it.
What he might not have known is, I'd make my kid try it first. 
But that wasn't completely fair. So, I did try it. Luckily, my husband took a lot of pictures as I enjoyed this tasty beverage.
It tastes a bit like vanilla coke with rum and vomit.
What's even more sick, after a few drinks, you want more drinks.