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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Trip for Charlie Part 2- The Part Where I Do NOT Get LocoPops

Ok so I was completely prepared to force my family in 30 degree weather to GO to Locopops while we were in Raleigh/Durham but wouldn't know you it - they closed down due to the damned blizzard that was allegedly on it's way.

Well we had time to kill so we went to a nearby mall and feasted on gelato and cookies.

The twins were pretty good despite being bored as we killed time milling around.

We ended up going to the chinese buffet next door to our hotel, as nothing else was open when the city became coated with ice. The big boy tried his first sushi!

I thought that this was extremely brave of him! It was completely his idea.

As we headed home in the ice and snow, we stopped at a rest area and needless to say, there was a lot of excitement about the snow. We don't get much in these parts and got none in Florida - so some fun with snowballs was in order.

And then because we are foodies of the highest order, we made a huge detour on the way to make sure we got to eat at Le Peep which our favorite brunch spot in the world. There is one on the FAR side of Charlotte.

We'll know in a few weeks I guess if we qualify for the study. We are crossing our fingers.


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