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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Christmas Traditions

Everyone has theirs, the things that mark the holidays as official within their own chosen family unit. As we were discussing ours, the oldest boy and I, he smiled and said "Wow - we do have our own Christmas traiditions. Just like a regular family.

Lord. What does he mean by that?I told him that of course we do, we ARE a regular family but I gotta wonder what he means? We're abnormal? Does he mean because of the twins or because we're not a cookie cutter of tradition?

I think we're pretty ok on most days.

Some of the traditions we observed and he pointed out to me on Christmas Eve ......first a few days before Christmas a big box from Crate and Barrel arrives courtesy of Uncle Fred.......full of hot chocolate and chocolate covered marshmallows.

Which is obviously just what we need to kick off proper holiday celebrations!

We make the requisite cookies from SCRATCH for Santa. No roll cookies here people!

And we make the requisite Gingerbread House centerpiece! (Note- the mini village was a disaster this year. It is not possible to work with tiny pieces of ginger bread and candies so small you can't actually place them. /FAIL!)

It turned out sort of OK but totally not up to my expectations. So I'll pass on anything miniature next year. I'm going to try something new at Valentine's so hang on. Maybe it'll turn out better.

What is the most fun to me though, out of everything, is watching this room get demolished in a sea of wrapping paper and dreams come true.

Is there anything better?


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