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Friday, July 31, 2009

We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Blog Posts

It's a real trick, when you have autistic twins, to get out of the house. Those of you with just one special needs child probably understand this very well. Now, double your dramaz and that's my house. It's hard, it's hard to even think about burdening anyone else with your kids nutty behavior.......but then again.....

You need to get out and be a couple and have time together.

We're so so lucky in having my friend Emma.

Emma loves my kids and they love her. I should say WE love her. What is so refreshing is that she's fascinated by their minds and their quirks, and finds them a challenge........a source of interest but not a burden.

She isn't terrorized by them - which is always my greatest fear when I think about someone else watching them.

Because she loves them, she watched for them for us last night so that we could step out on the town........TO SEE THE BOB DYLAN SHOW

First Up.......

Followed by.....

AND THEN........

Bob Dylan was amazing although I say he sang a song about Zombies and Scott says he did NOT. John Mellencamp truly blew us away, he totally just rocked and it was like being home to me......that Hoosier in him was having a blast of a time. It was awesome.

Willie Nelson was baked. That's all I'm saying. Ok, maybe he wasn't baked because I would have no way of knowing THAT. However, he played in time with the band but sang on some other time signature all night. That's all I'm saying.

Regardless, hearing Willie Nelson sing GEORGIA in GEORGIA was a little amazing. And you know we're in the bible belt when the tune of Nelson's that brings them to their feet for the entire song is "I SAW THE LIGHT".

Storms rolled through the greater Atlanta metro during the concert. We were sitting under the canopy and escaped the fate of those on the lawn!

We also feasted on festival foods which may or may not have contributed to my illness at 3am on. Or it could've been the Awful Waffle we stopped at AFTER. I dunno. All I know is, I was unpleasant and unfit for human interaction after about 3am last night.

a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_lRsbr_jxAzo/SnON_BPQ9AI/AAAAAAAADa8/epRorlpCg6I/s1600-h/Picnik+collage.jpg"> It was a great evening out of the house. Thank You Emma, for all that you do as a friend! We really appreciate you!


EKG said...

love you guys!xoxo