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Friday, July 03, 2009

We Had Company

Our good friends came up from Tampa bringing with them Lil Satchmo's playmate from when he was little, and A DOG!

I'm not sure who he was happier to see.

Ok that's a joke, he was ecstatic to see his playmate again - and it was just icing on the cake that she brought a four legged friend with her.

We had a cookout of more types of wurst than you can shake a stick at and sat on the deck to enjoy the cool Georgia evening. It was so nice to have our old friends around, even if only for a day.

We consigned the kids to a kids table in the living room and let them watch Ghostbusters during dinner - a total departure from the usual. We learned how well the twins adjusted as Baby Birdman sat and ate with his toes. I suppose we'll chalk this one up as a PARTIAL success in terms of adjusting to change, eh?

Ok so now everyone else has to come visit. We've been officially broken in. Who is coming next?

Yes, I'm looking at YOU!