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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Something New for the 4th

We decided to go check out a small town 4th of July this year - but as the sun went down they all packed up their party and went home. WHAT? Yes - this cute little small town event just packed it up and went home. We were forced as the sun was setting to hit the road and ran over to our plan B place which was a local vineyard - Chateau Elan.

Sitting among the vines as the sun set was actually quite lovely.

We just putzed around and let the kids run while the sun went down. It made me want wine.

The air was cool and despite not actuallly having anything to do, the kids all had a good time. I might like to go back there next year prepared to spend more time, with stuff to do and food to eat.

When the fireworks started, the little guys weren't quite certain about it - even though they were practically weened on the huge displays at Disney, they just didn't seem to remember them. Eventually we adjusted ok thought!

It was a lovely 4th with the family - I hope yours was as well!