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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Do Not Envy Their Massage

So as previously stated I WON this massage. I won it FROM the owner of a local Massage Envy store. It's a chain but really, that shouldn't matter if it's a licensed massage therapist. It shouldn't matter at all.

Ahhhhhh but here's the rub. (good pun).

I called to make my appointment. Ready? Wait for it...........

They require a CREDIT CARD to hold your appointment.

For a FREE massage?

Gee.....let me see, since it's my first day as a consumer Mr Scammy McScammstor...........I give you my credit card to "hold" the appointment and then what. You ACCIDENTALLY process a payment that takes me weeks to get resolved? You run an authorization because "Oh well that's standard procedure and get let me guess the system automatically runs authorizations on all credit cards that are holding appointments?"

Oh and then it can take up to 20 days for the authorization to lift off my card - then releasing those funds back to me.

It seems like what I won was not a free massage - I won the chance to let you have my CREDIT card! Wooohooo!

Well here's what's up, everyone doesn't have credit cards any more. Some of us are trying to live more frugally and while I would've given you my debit card, ummmm NO.

A Therapeutic massage is supposed to be relaxing, de-stressing and good for the heart, soul and mind.

I suppose this is true, if these things exist within your credit card.


Emma said...

It's always something. I have a gift certificate for some spa somewhere that I got ages ago for christmas. I may regift it to you! I don't take time out for massages.