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Monday, May 25, 2009

Recovery Continues

The Husband Snapped this on the way IN to surgery Thursday AM.
Yeah I wore my jammies. Hey they SAID to. Because they'd be more comfy cosey AND if I had to stay for some reason, I'd HAVE on my jammies!

I actually am feeling better. A LOT better than I was feeling on Friday. I can move, and I think that this is a huge plus. I went and walked around the house a couple of times - going all the way to the backyard and then back.

As you can see, the littlest kids weren't ALL that worried as I headed off to Surgery, though....

Good thing he's cute. I tell you what.

So I guess my opinion is that I'm better but no 100%. I've fought taking a nap today because I'm trying to start building some stamina. And I've tried not to take pain meds constantly. So it's going ok, all in all.

I got pretty flowers!

So I'm ok sort of, to those who wonder. I'm really tired, and a little grumpy, and really sore......but compared to Friday - I'm a new person.


Frank said...

I love new people, especially new wifes. I love the old boobies and butt, however, please keep those.