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Friday, May 22, 2009

Post Surgery Post

*this post is fraught with typos.....I'm medicated leave me alone
So I'm home, none the prettier.
If this was minor surgery, screw major surgery, I'm OUT. I gotta say the staff was fairly wonderful (even if my pre-op AND post- nurses were both Miss Swan). I don't even remember going to sleep in the op room. I remember then telling me I was going to get something to help relax me and that after THAT I'd get the anesthesia and feeling a cold push into my hand - and wondering if THAT was the anethesia.
But then I woke up in recovery.
They kept me there a couple hours cuz just like always I having trouble with waking up out of anesthesia. So they gave me lovely pain meds for the burning fire in my tummy and something for nausea and I slept the time away. Then I spent, god like 7 hours or something, in a private room trying to recover enough to go home. Everytime they came to check on me I saw sound asleep.
I'm still pretty groggy and am only sitting up because my back was screaming from so much laying down. My tummy does not want to sit up.
Hightlights from my day yesterday are:
  • Having not one but TWO Miss Swan Nurses (see Mad TV if you don't know Miss Swan)
  • Having Nurse Swan 1 tell me she was glad she didn't have to shave my belly, that she has "the happy trail......"
  • Eating my liquid only meal at about 7pm which was cream of chicken soup strained (mmmmm) and pudding and sweet tea
  • Texting and calling people while completely medicated to the gills
  • Sleeping
  • Puking all over the road on the way home - yeah all that soup and pudding and tea - it came right baack up and I leaned out the window (which hurt to do) and vomitted it all back up.
  • Amber coming to visit me,which made me cry, because I was so happy that some visited me who didn't have to.

So I'm home, I feel terrible. And I'm going back to bed soon.

They removed an ORGAN from my body. In what world is that not major surgery?

oh and they wouldn't give me my gallstone! boooo!


Lizzie Lexington said...

ooh, I had my gallbladder taken out at the tender age of 23! Not fun not fun. Glad to see you are doing well. Take care!

Isabeau said...

You remember more than I do! They asked me to move from one table to another, which was like a bean bag, and bam, I'm in recovery. I don't remember a thing. I had major surgery (3-level spinal fusion) and I can confirm that you definitely do NOT want it!

Happy recovery. I hope you feel better soon.

Laura said...

If they didn't give you the shriveled up gall bladder in a little plastic container, then how do you know they actually removed it? Maybe they inserted something instead? Like an avocado. Or, perhaps a prune. Can you ask them to take a little bit off your bill since you didn't get the gall bladder to take home?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...


I am glad it is over. Feel better soon.