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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lotsa Locks Of Love

It's official.

We've cut the hair.

And we've donated three beautiful heads of hair to Locks of Love.

We went to a place that specializes in kids cuts and cut for free if you were donating to Locks of Love. Lil Satchmo had to have the most radical cut as his hair was shortest.

We let Baby Birdman go next because we figured in a high level of crazy factor since this was was his FIRST haircut.

He was surprisingly sane. Because his hair was nice and long we were able to go with a hip, longer haircut. The lady said it's what all the cool kids are wearing.

And last we let Eddie Vedder's son go, Baby Birth of Cool with all his beautiful brown curls. He was the one who acted like a fool, of course.

And of course he is the one who now has shorter hair and the CURSE of shorter hair, that while being beautiful, all those curls are going to make him look like Willie Ames I'm sure. He'll either be the kid who insists on getting a buzz or who is a model for Guess, it'll be one or the other.


Marketing Gorilla said...

Good looking BOYS you have there Gidge.

Rebecca said...

VERY cool looking, longish hair!

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Oh my god, that's a lot of hair.


And the little guys look great. Were they excited about it?

Anonymous said...

Charlie looks just like Lou with short hair!