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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Some Thoughts From a 4 Year Old

Last Night Lil Satchmo says to me, "Mom, I miss Florida." I got all teary eyed and said, "Oh baby I miss it too." And running through my mind where Nikki,Scott,Donna,Leslie,Kurt and Roni.........and days like THIS.......where my college friend and sorority sister Christa came to FLA with her family to visit. And days like THIS where ran off to the John Ringling art museum and I was able to look at five thousand year old jewelry and gorgeous works of art and then lounge on John Ringling's back porch.

And I was feeling so homesick that I started to cry and as tears rolled down my face he says "But I like Georgia too. I think it's pretty cool here and they have a lot of the same stuff."
So I sucked up the tears and said "Oh really? They do?"
"Yeah Mom, they got a train at the mall to ride, that is cool just like Tampa," he elaborates. "And they got parks. And........
Well, they speak English here."

More English than in Tampa........truth be told.......


Lil Satchmo is also apparently working on plot revisions for ISHTAR.
I'm changing twin diapers and putting on jammies. A little voice behind me says "Mom, what was Ishtar about?" Ummmm. Ishtar. I remember it a little. It was already legendarily bad by the time I got around to watching it on HBO but I pulled from my memory banks as I grabbed some wipes.
"Ummm, It was a movie with two famous actors in it. It was a terrible movie, ummm, what was it about? Ummmm, hand me the Buzz Lightyear jammies. I remember they were trying to write a song or something. And then, I don't remember how but they ended up in the desert - you know I don't really remember what the PLOT was."
Lil Satchmo "Where there any animals in it?"
Me "Ummm, probably, I can't remember, maybe camels?"
Him "Were there any meat eaters?"

Me "Well - I don't know? Maybe?"

Him "It probably would have been a lot better movie if there had been some meat eaters."

I wonder if he has any ideas to improve this hideous movie poster. I should beg the Kaiser to photoshop in a T-Rex over the camel........

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Anonymous said...

I actually _Ishtar_ was pretty funny--Dustin Hoffman as the ladykiller and Warren Beatty as the guy who can't buy a date. You have to forget that it cost $70 million to make (probably $300 million in today's money), but then it's reasonably amusing.