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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogher In Second Life - We SURVIVED YOU NOOBS

Some Notes from the Second Life version of the BlogHer Conference.
First of all, it extremely awesome for all of us regulars to be able to participate in both events simulcast from Chicago......as well as participate in special events geart toward Us Second Life Only participants. It was interesting to hear Elizabeth Edwards, although I might be the only female that came out of it liking her far less than I did when I went into the conference. But that is neither here nor there, really. The point is that I sat in the comfort of my own home AND was able to enjoy the conference. So, Nice Job Erin and all the people at Blogher And Hyperstring who made it all possible. Above is me watching Elizabeth Edwards - to the right you see me and Queen hanging out. We are soooo skinny in SL.

Now just a note for next year. To those of you who want to participate next year, who either participated this year but won't be back to SL for a year, or you think that you will WANT to next year because we're all still raving about it. (yeah we sort of are, it ruled), just some thoughts.

Noobs (this means new players, and it's only meant derisively if you act like a tard vs. acting like a NEW person), my noob friends. SL has system requirements. There are minimum system requirements to running the World, and if you load it up and your system crashes EVERY time you play five or six minutes into the process, GUESS WHAT guys, you don't have the system requirements. This is exactly like every OTHER program that your PC runs on so I'm not sure why this is news......but some of you seemed FLABBERGASTED that your PC from 2000 wouldn't run SL. It's not that we don't love you and wish you could participate, but when you keep showing up screaming about your PC crashing, well........you get the idea.

Another thing that I hope Blogher puts out there as a requirement is a longer birthdate for next year. Your SL birthdate is your Born On date, they day you created your Avatar. You need some practice in SL before you can be expected to participate and ENJOY Second Life. It's a little tricky. There are basics you need to know. You wouldn't attend a conference where everyone was speaking in sign language without embracing some of the basics so you would have an idea what was going on would you? No, you wouldn't. Because showing up at a conference being held in sign language and raving constantly about not knowing what is going on.......that would be sort of insane.


So. Let me be more honest with you.

We loved having you guys there despite that. All of us regulars in SL were glad to have you there, because we knew it was important - and like us - you couldn't make it to Chicago and you REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to participate. So thanks for coming guys. Just practice a little before next year. We're all there to help - so keep your eye out for us next time around, we'l be glad to take you shopping and teach you what you need to know. (Here we Bloghers are Dancing the Night away thanks to the ROCKERS at Sanctuary Rock - Thanks Daisy! I'm the one in pink with Purple hair!)

Who knows, with enough effort, even you might have hair to match every outfit. But I'll tell you, it's a lot of work ladies. And Sarah, I do not look like a hooker. You clearly have not SEEN the hookers in Second Life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gidge! Was great meeting you inworld and I know we will prolly see more of each other as the year goes by till the next Blogher. Your a great person and fun to be around.
Don't know who Sarah was or how she got the idea that you dressed like a hooker.. I suggest next year we take her out and let her meet some. (giggles)

Gidge Uriza said...

Dinee I will definitely see you around in world.
Watch out for those Bots!! They can mess up a nightclub like you wouldn't believe - LOL!

Anonymous said...

You weren't the only one who left BlogHer liking Mrs. Edwards less after hearing her Q&A.

I'm STILL not hiring a sitter so I can take a shower. That idea is the opposite of empowering right there.

(I'm the poorly dressed noob in the pink skirt in the first picture.)

Anonymous said...

Um. Yeah, you kind of look like a hooker.