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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Can't Attend Blogher In Chicago - Then Attend in Second Life

This is just a reminder that you have lots, LOTS and lots of time to sign up for Blogher in Second Life. One of the SMARTEST ladies I know told me that she thought Second Life was beyond her and her circle, which is completely insane. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it promise you that. Trust Gidge Uriza.
I know the Queen already told you and I already told you but I'm here to tell you again.
First, go to Second Life. It's free. You create an Avatar and pick a name and it takes you to orientation island where you learn how to move and not look like a complete dork. It's not really important that you not look like a dork to enjoy the conference, but you'd probably enjoy it more if you could do simple things like fly or not fly at will. Sounds simple? Well when you are new, it can be a challenge, so that is what orientation island is for. If you can use a keyboard, you can master it.

Next go here and sign up for Blogher in Second Life. You can also find the schedule of events here.

I hope to see you there, not only at my booth, but at the Vicious Booth as well, where low priced clothing and hair are available.

And I do mean really low cost, about 10 Lindens for clothes or hair. Plus, we have lots of freebies available there for you to pick up! The owner of Vicious Studios will also be raffling off $500 Linden the first day of the conference so please stop by. PLUS he's offering special promotions for blogher participants at his retail outlet, so be sure to pick up a notecard for details when you stop by!

I'm most excited to tell you that I've joined with the owner of Coconut Ice to bring you some super cute freebies in my own booth AS WELL as I will have Coconut Ice Gift Cards to Raffle off!!!! That's right! But you have to come to my booth and touch the raffle ball! Prizes will be awarded to AVs attending the conference and you DO have to be in the conference center to win, so no coming by, touching the raffle ball and then never coming back!! And, I might just decide to award some 500 Linden Coconut Ice Gift Cards to SL Blogher Attendees who comment on this blog.......hmmmm, do I feel a contest coming on? I might!!!