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Monday, July 31, 2006

"Oh no, NOT Pigeons!"

Today we took our kids to a local nature preserve, to see nature, breathe the fresh air and be only slightly smothered by the ungodly humidity. Lots of fun was had, animals were seen (live snake slithering about, lizards, bugs, dead snake by the side of the road - or as my husband and I like to say - THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS SNAKE).......anyway, I digress.
Inside they have a LOVELY education center where they have lots of interactive exhibits teaching kids about Florida's ecosystems and wildlife etc etc etc. At one of the large observatory windows there were laminated sheets of paper showing pictures of all of the wildlife you might encounter out in the preserve (probably more likely if one strayed off the raised boardwalk, which would JUST be retarded). Anyway - glancing through the sheets of animals my son sees a photo of a wild cougar, a rattler, another snake (I'm not a snake afficianado), an alligator, etc etc etc..........until he suddenly says "Oh NO! NOT PIGEONS! THEY DON'T HAVE PIGEONS!!"
That's right.
My three year old would rather see an alligator than a pigeon.

We have a bit of a bird phobia. Can you tell?


OddMix said...

Is he affraid of all birds? or just pigeons?

Gidge said...

Somewhat afraid of all birds, yet fascinated by them as well - from a distance. He's terrified of peacocks. He can't even see Peacocks on TV without a lot of stress. He saw an episode of TELETUBBIES that scared the crap out of him - one with kids and peacocks. Since then we've had some fear of all birds, but mostly pigeons, peacocks and seagulls.
Sometimes other birds.
Oh, and we had a Emu incident once.

Becky said...

... as long as the pigeons weren't in foliage ...