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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Nebraska Part Deux

The Hotel Was Nice. Not VEGAS Nice. But you know, nice, serviceable. Clean. Friendly. Good amenities. Nice. Here is a room shot. Holiday Inn Kearney, you rock. I am currently sporting one of your FINE "RELAX! It's HOLIDAY INN KEARNEY" Tshirts. I know you wish you had one. They were only $10 which I think in real world currency is about $30. I'm unsure of the conversion rate.
The conference was good, very good actually. Not your usual conference BS. I actually got a lot of good ideas for work. Shocking I know. The host of the conference was Cabela's, and we got to see their corporate headquarters and their call center, plus their smallest retail store. Which was actually quite big to me. Some notes on Cabela's. They have some really cool stuff. I could seriously shop there. Their prices are good and although I neither hunt nor fish, just their casual clothes alone were cool. They also had a lot of cool camping gear. But the stuff I had to take pictures of, was the good stuff. Cabela's always has a fine display of taxidermy. MMMMMM. Makes me hungry! This is just one of about 6 "displays" in the store, not to mention all the heads up on the wall ALL THE WAY around the store!

Now here is an item that I request that they STOP carrying. The CAMOFLAGE DIAPER COVER for little girls. I know it's for girls because of the white eyelet trim. I am afraid that we are encouraging people to take their baby girls hunting by selling such madness. And, obviously she won't be camoflaged because deer can spot white eyelet a MILE AWAY. There are other camoflage onesies and jammies and other such scarey items also on this rack. Note to all - please do not dress your kids in camo and take them hunting. I'm not anti-hunting. Not at all, actually. But the camo baby clothes are seriously killing me. Perhaps these are for our babies serving in the armed services? Do we have desert camo for the babies? I didn't see any......(and I looked).

We went out to a bar for a couple of drinks and a food product the menu called a "cheese pleaser" but the locals informed me were cheese royals. They are essentially deep fried grilled cheese sandwiches. Oh yeah, quite good. We had a nice time visiting at the Chicken Coop even though I think the locals that went with us wanted to throttle us for thinking them so quaint. I suspect the Amish feel sort of the same way when people barge up into their yard taking pictures.

More to come.......


Becky said...

Got your card. Now that you mention it, do tell about the Chicken Coop.

Gidge said...

The Chicken Coop is a bar. Scott actually saw it on an NTN scoreboard one night, they won. So I suggestd we all go there, which the locals thought was funny. It's just a bar though - but they had KENO!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Did you get me some camo sunglasses?

Devra said...

I have to confess I knew very little about hunting prior to living in the South and the Midwest. I thought you put deer IN a deer stand. Like it was for hunters who didn't have good aim, so the deer would be self- contained. I'm not going bore you about when I had the deer stand epiphany, but when it happened, someone named Bubba told me "Ya'll have made me a day here! Ya'll truly have done it Girl! Jimmy, I need to go take a tee tee, this girl just about made me wet my pants."