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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Heading Off To The Land of Wheat - or Is it Corn?

I fly out tomorrow for a call center benchmarking conference. It should be pretty interesting, but most of these sort of conferences end up being like this "man it's hard to hire intelligent people in our market." "yes, it's hard to hire in our market too." "And they won't come to work, our absenteeism is like 30% a day." "yes in our market too." Everybody has the same problems, but the real positive is that sometimes you can pull information away that you haven't thought of, or haven't tried and give some new stuff a spin. Or at the VERY least - you come away confident that you aren't crazy, that it's a challenge doing your job.
Now, don't be jealous, but this AWESOME conference is taking place in Kearney, Nebraska. That's right. Not Seattle or San Francisco or Vegas......NEBRASKA baby.

Well, I have never been to Nebraska. At least I can cross it off my list. And we're visiting Cabela's - so my brothers should be righteously jealous. Perhaps I will pick you boys up a fishing lure. Woohoo.

I'll be out for a few days but while I am gone, please entertain yourself reading this guy. He slays me.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Can you pick me up some night vision goggles at Cabelas? Or at least a pair of these?

Becky said...

That would be corn. You know ... as in CORNhuskers. Not that Kearney is happening or anything, but I have heard that Cabela's is one freakingass BIG place. Hope you get lots of freebies. Oh, and eat some corn and a buffalo burger for me.

Cigar Blog Moderator said...

You should have talked to Gina for hot nightspots in Nebraska. By the way, I love your link to Greg Bloggod - i think you forget the w in the link. gregwhoffman.blogspot.com

Unless, of course, you have another friend named Greg Hoffman with a blog.

Devra said...

While at Cabela's you should check out the fly tying vise (vice?) Aviva' hubby designed and sells thru them. I think it is called The Peak Vice (vise?).

I'm not up on fly tying, so I don't know how to spell that V word. I know how to spell other V words much better.