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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Last Installment of the Kearney Experience

One of the things I'd like to say about Kearney is that I watched their news one night. I didn't hear the words rape, murder, carjacking, home invasion, drive by shooting or crack house once. Seriously, their local news didn't contain any of those things. And while I think that they thought I was being patronizing - I actually thought they lived in a nice little place. Nice, as in, fresh air, kind people, a safe place for your children. Someplace where it isn't cool not to have beliefs or morals. Someplace where people treat each other with respect and kindness and act like neighbors. Someplace where a local business has this display to say thank you. And to express their belief. Which is okay - it's not on local gov't property now IS it?
I'm probably urban enough to giggle at such an emotional display of patriotism, but a small, midwestern part of me that remains says quietly "Well that is nice of them."
Interestingly enough - it's across the street from a nice business clearly run by a jewish family, based on their big star of David on the sign. There doesn't seem to be any animosity......both businesses are clean and well kept and I actually saw someone walk OUT of the one business, cross the street and go into the other business. So they aren't mutually exclusive either. Interesting. (Sorry I didn't get a snap of that one for you).
That seems like a lot of diversity for rural Nebraska....at least to me.

Not to get too deep, I also saw that that they had a WE SELL YOUR STUFF ON EBAY store, just like in the 40 Year Old Virgin and I almost died that I didn't get my camera out in time to snap that one. WHAT a hoot. I'll leave you with one last snap of my trip, the shed that doubles as an airport in Kearney Nebraska.

My final review is this, I give Kearney Nebraska an 8 out of ten. Honestly. As an adult who is accustomed to having a lot of cosmopolitan choices of entertainment, I might poke my own eyes out living there. But as a parent, which is what matters more, I could live there tomorrow pretty happily. It is a very nice place.

And the conference was really good too.


Becky said...

Nebraska. My favorite Big Square Flyover State.

Gidge said...

Yeah it's defnitely one of the "square" states. I don't have trouble recognizing that one because it has that funny indentation, but Colorado vs. Wyoming.......whooo don't get me started. Which one is on top? I think it's Wyoming......I have no clue.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

We have one of those f'ed up eBay stores right near my new house.

I always want to go in and see if I can get some silver boots.

Gidge said...

Even if they HAVE silver boots they won't sell them to you.

Devra said...

Wyoming is on top. I don't know how it feels about being on top as I have never asked, but I do know it is on top.