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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Winter Storm That Wasn't

They said it was coming. They said it was going to be four inches of snow. As the day wore on, the forecasts grew more dire, the amateur forecasters more snarky in their predictions. Snow was coming to SOUTHTOWN and it was gonna be a doozy.

We started out our day with an IEP and if you've never done that it takes forever and is boring as hell but you have to pay attention because it's serious stuff. The wind was whipping the feeling of ICE around us, and the rain was pouring down like it was the Great Flood itself. The sky, the air, and everything in my bones said - this shit is about to get real.

After the IEP we had the 7th Grade awards program where the oldest boy made the Honor Roll. Cue proud parents.

Shortly after that, as the temperatures dropped, the husband had a tooth cleaning and I turned into Bill Brandon 2.0 and decided all of my children had to come home right now. I drove around to fetch them all.
 The girl had just completed her 100th day of school celebration and was covered in chocolate. My timing was perfect. After we picked up the twins, it began to rain ice. As we approached the house, it began to snow.

Any snow in Atlanta is a bad thing. We just don't have the mental fortitude for it. We don't have the "oh well just keep going" attitude. We have to hunker down in a blind panic. Or at least hunker down.
At our house, we settled in for the night, expecting Snowmageddon to rain down on us like a fabled Nor'easter.

As temperatures dropped and snow swirled, I prepared myself to rise early and drag these kids outside for SNOW FUN! SNOW! SNOW! LET'S PLAY!
Except, we just got a dusting. Not enough to play. Not enough to be interesting. Just cold as shit however. Cold as ever loving shit.  By 1 it was melted in the sun.

We spent our day inside, and the girl did this to my phone.
I didn't even know that was POSSIBLE.

I downloaded Neko Atsumi because everyone seems to have it. I discovered I don't understand the point of it and then I learned that there is no point, I'm just feeding and collecting cats.
So fine, this skill I have. Behold my cats. This is what I accomplished on this freezing cold day. It was a good day to stay inside, that's for sure.

I hate being cold, that's why I like living in the south.

So much for Snowmageddon 2016 in Atlanta. Although, the French Toast report guys say we're doing this again later this week. We'll see boys, you got this one so very wrong!