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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I am sitting in my living room, feet up on the ottoman, watching winter storm PAX arrive outside my windows. I left work early as ice and snow were already accumulating at my more northern located home. And so now, we wait.

The north does this all the time. Storms come in, and life pauses until you can get out and about your business. However the south doesn't. We've all got our French Toast ingredients stored safely away and are waiting to see what happens when night falls.

Because that's when it's coming, the ice. "UP TO AN INCH OF ICE". "ICE STORM OF CATASTROPHIC PROPORTIONS" are the kinds of things that they are saying. I've realized too late that we don't have enough wood dry in the house, but hey I DO have wood in the forest and I can bring it in and and let it dry if I need to. Not a perfect solution but, it's not a perfect situation.

We have food. We have shelter.

No one has to leave this house for the next few days if necessary.

I feel annoyed, I have to admit it. I want this storm to get done and let's move on.

But it's coming at it's on it's own terms. I have this feeling none of us are going to like them much.