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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Valentine's Date

My husband told me that because of how hectic our life is, and how it's so hard to really get a babysitter with two special little guys, that he was going to have to ask me to go out to celebrate Valentine's day with another guy. He said it was his best guy, a special guy that he knew would take good care of me and even better, we'd have a great date.
It turns out, my date was indeed his best guy, my oldest son Lou. We spent our date day at Stone Mountain, both on the summit and on the slopes, tubing to his hearts content.
It turns out that snow tubing is about as much fun as two humans can have. I had never done it, and it's been so long since I went sledding it's a very distant memory. I am pretty sure I was the one screeching EEEEEE all the way to the bottom of the hill.
At the bottom of the hill is a snow play area, where we built a proper snowman, and where we finally did one of his ideas he's wanted to do for years - SNOW FORT!
We wandered around the village and saw the 4D movie, but were disappointed that so man of the little shops were closed. It was kind of a slow day but still, I wish everything had been open.
I have to admit, it was probably one of the better Valentine's dates I ever got to have.

I think I'll keep him.