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Saturday, February 15, 2014


It seemed like overkill and overreaction on Monday, and on Tuesday morning. They called out the national guard. They brought in scads and loads of utility workers from other states and positioned them around town in strategic locations in trailers. They kept coming on the news going on about how the salt trucks were in position, the state troopers were relocated to be ready to help.

And so we waited.

Then the storm arrived. If you know anyone from ATL you know that every facebook update for 48 hours was "It's raining ice. It's snowing again. It's raining ice again. We have X amount of snow, we have more ice." It kept coming. And coming. watching the trees grow heavy and listening as another hundred thousand people lost power made it seem dire and worrisome.

But we were cozy inside, and so we waited.
I think the kids were less enchanted this time around.
But still getting outside was good for everyone, and experiencing real winter was fun. The snow was hard due to all the ice, not as fluffy as it was last time.
And despite waking up to a real wonderland of snow and ice the second day, nearly by noon the snow began to melt and flow down the street, signaling the end of yet another snow storm we shouldn't have had.

We decided this time around to make SNOW ICE CREAM. After much research I found out that you can just take some snow, some cream and some sugar and mix it up and bam you have a cold treat.
We set a bowl outside to collect pristine snow as it fell and then brought it inside. I drizzled honey over it so we could have it Nero style but the boys thought that wasn't tasty. I liked it, however.
Now they say it's going to be in the 70s next week. good. My bulbs are coming up and I can be done with winter now.