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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Turner Field Killed My Knee

My friend had tickets Friday night and so I was able to go to catch the Braves on a perfect fall night. It was a lot of fun, we had lots of interesting characters around us, crackers in front, hipsters in back, more reserved southern ladies and gentlemen on the side. 

It was a good game despite the Braves losing, and our seats were flawless.
It was only when we left that I started to have a little problem. I'd been pretty good, didn't upset my stomach on junk food and didn't drink at all, so I was feeling - stomach wise- pretty good. It had been my stomach I was paying attention to as it doesn't like a lot of crap food and booze these days. 

As we were leaving, there was an incline on the way to our parking lot. Passing the green lot, I felt that burning strain, like when you've done too many stairs, in my left knee. I slowed my pace a bit and it went away and no worries. 

It was a great evening.

Until I woke up the next morning to go the bathroom, about 6 am. 

And my left knee didn't work.

So yesterday, I spent hobbling around with a cane, taking pain pills and trying not to do anything with my knee.

I missed the Boy Scout Fall Cook Out and the girl's soccer game. I don't MISS FAMILY THINGS.

I am trying to decide if this means I need to work out or just go straight to the Hoveround thing. I saw the commercials - you can even go to the Grand Canyon in those. They're like the tampons of the geriatric product set (you can do anything - camping, hiking, etc....)

So that was my weekend, laid up with a bum effin knee. I hope it impoves today.