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Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Allure of The Girl With The Pearl Earring

Yesterday afternoon we traveled into Atlanta to see the High Museum's exhibit of Dutch masters including the amazing Girl with a Pearl Earring. It was SO breathtaking. If you asked me, I'd never choose the works housed in Maritshuis as my favorites, yet standing in front of them I am so awestruck at their brilliance.

The oldest boy is old enough now that I annoy him whispering in his ear all the important details of the paintings, why they are relevant, what to look for. But I can't help but think that some day as an adult with a proper world view, he'll appreciate that once he stood two feet from Girl with a Pearl Earring and looked her in the eyes.

The entire gallery was a feast for my brain. I think I'd hang every one of them in my house and never get tired of soaking up their details. 

We wandered around to another exhibit, specifically one that featured local artists, which was pretty interesting.

Even Julia found things to like.

It's interesting because you wouldn't know if the twins did or didn't like it much, as they usually just putter along with us, but I know it makes an impact on them, they know we go to museums - because on a "What I did this summer" project Miles chose "visit a museum" as one of his answers. 

I think it's just as important for the twins as it is for Lou and Julia, to be exposed to art. 

I love living in a world class city where I can show my children these things, and expose them to so much.

Well, except this. I'm not sure anyone should be exposed to this.