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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Dreams

Something odd happened to me yesterday morning.

I woke up, sitting on the side of my bed, holding my phone. This is pretty bizarre and doesn't happen. I HAVE woken up holding my phone before. Apparently I need to talk to Siri in my sleep.

Yesterday though, I thought it was odd but went about my morning - coffee, kids to school, life, etc. At some point though, I looked at my plurks for the day. (Plurk is a social network you don't use, don't worry about it).

I see this plurk.
"I wanted to go back to sleep. But someone fucked with my alarm time and now I am too tired to do the math on how far off my clock is so I can sort out how long I can sleep."

I had NO memory of writing this. Which seems odd. I thought maybe I woke up, plurked that, then snoozed a bit and woke up AGAIN or something.

Until I got home, and no, my clock was not off some random amount of time, it was off 10 minutes exactly like it's supposed to be.

I was sleep plurking.

I've been a sleep walker forever, and a sleep talker. Julia has inherited this. She woke me up at 4 am to come to her room because Elmo was lost. When I got there, she just stood in the middle of her room and cried. It was 4 am and I was bleary eyed, so I pointed out Elmo is on her sheets and that was good enough. We both went back to sleep.

It keeps things interesting. That's for sure.