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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Watching Rollerball In Silence

Ok I'm not sure I'm watching ROLLERBALL. Because, I'm in a hotel. A resort exactly. A Resort on a lake, to be exact. I'm watching some sort of terrible movie because I have a very strict policy of watching whatever crap is on cable when I am in hotel rooms. Simply for the joy of watching sex, violence and swearing without my children around.
So, I'm thinking this is rollerball. They've been killing people. And playing some game they CALL Rollerball. Come to think of it, let me google it.
Yes I am watching Rollerball and apparently Jean Reno will just make any movie he can to get paid now which is sad, because I thought he used to be a for-real actor.

So here I am. In a hotel room alone. My roommate isn't going to be here until tomorrow so then I'm sort of........

just alone.

My house is chaos. It's loud. It's crazy and noise and messy and....it's full of the people I love. They aren't here.

God I hope something better than ROLLERBALL is on next.

I'm away.

I've been gone for less than three hours, and I already miss the chaos.

Plus, I hate not being able to rewind the TV. Who watches TV like this now?

Conference tomorrow. I'll let you know how it is, once I know myself.

Till then, I'm gonna settle into bed and see what is on next. Probably LAMBADA...


American in Bath said...

I do that too. Cable! (Sky here) what is on that I would never get to watch at home. Not much, it turns out.