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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I'm Gonna Wash That Puke Right Outta My Hair...

Oh GOD I've been sick.
There has been a ridiculous amount of sick in this house since last week. It started with the husband being sick and throwing up last week. And then I was sick. Not well. Unwell. But it went away.
Then on Saturday, one twin vomits at the table. (Always a treat. This isn't in the parenting books but FYI future parents, it happens.). That boy puked a couple of times and seemed better. We went on our way until Sunday night when suddenly, my joyous "I'm drinking wine with dinner and having a lovely evening" turned into "OMG why do I feel so bad?"
I went to bed mid supper and laid in my bedroom with an overwhelming feeling of "I am about to explode" hovering over me.
I eventually went to the toilet and unreleased my supper out the wrong end, and the wine.
Note to self - Pear Wine - not so good in reverse.
Then I crawled into bed shivering and trembling and sweating and feeling like I was dying.
In the middle of the night, I heard, cough cough PUKE from the baby bed. I leaped out of bed and picked her up-grabbing a wipe to wipe off her face and hair, and the husband cleaned up her bed. It was just a little baby puke. And as I sat there in my dizzy haze clutching her, she fell back asleep without a care.
We crawl back into bed, when about an hour late we hear the louder unmistakable spatter of vomit from the next room. It's the oldest boy. And he's rained down vomit on his brothers from the top bunk.
At this point my fever has climbed back up and I'm basically useless. My husband ran the gauntlet of getting him cleaned up and cleaning the bedroom enough to allow humans to use it. By that time it was time for school for the twins, so he sent them on their way.
The oldest boy gets up twice to tell me he's "shart" which is hilarious to him although it's gross. I think it's just funny to say - it's as close to cussing as he gets so he kind of giggles when he says it.

My husband ran every single thing yesterday without so much as an ounce of help from me. As a matter of fact, I was a huge baby and cried about having to take medicine. But I felt bad, leave me alone. And don't get me wrong, I don't HELP all that much normally anyway.

But I woke up today on my own about noonish, and felt an urge to get out of bed, which was a huge step. And I was hungry. So I ate some cinnamon life and made some coffee. So far it has stayed down. I took a shower and washed two days worth of puke spatter out of my hair. I puked so much over this illness that I was drinking water, at the end, just to have something to puke up vs. having the dry heaves.

I used the soap which I like to call OLD FRENCH WHORE to wash away all remnants of puke and sick smell. So far it's working. I smell like an old French whore. But a clean one.

Now, I used to have this computer thing I liked...hmmm, how does this work again?

oh yeah - PUBLISH POST...


American in Bath said...

Gah. Had it last year. I am now going to avoid everyone. I don't want it again this year.