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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The ValenTimes

We usually make a fairly big To-do about Valentine's but I dunno if it's the impending baby, or the constant back and for the UNC or just simply being worn out from existing, but this year, we were both a little MEH about the whole thing.


I for one wanted a Hello Kitty Keyboard, and my Valentine came through !

Yeah, I'm 41. SHUT UP!

I also got a special present from the kids. What do you suppose that they want?

They are so thoughtful. In all fairness, I kinda wanted this too. I can't cook but BY GOD I can bake.

And I got this.

It's an energy drink.

Bizarre isn't it. I'm A+ though so I'm afraid to drink it.

And most importantly, I got the husband his life long dream of a gift........a giant three wick candle (the least appropriate gift for a man on the planet).

And the boy picked out this for him. Because nothing says I Love You like ZOMBIELAND! Those were the ValenTimes around here. Hope yours were chocolate covered butter goodness filled as well!