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Sunday, February 07, 2010

And Then They Ruined the Cabbage Patch Factory....

The newly opened BABYLAND Cabbage Patch Hospital was much anticipated by us. I know,it's UBER corny - but we loved the old place so much.

The original Babyland was set up like an orphanage - and your children would go in to see all the happy beautiful dolls just waiting to be adopted and to be part of your family. Little rooms like a nursery, a preemie ward (ok slightly creepy-but points for realism) and school room, and a playground increased the happy little people experience.

It was small, but rather lovely in it's way.

The new place still has the cabbage patch, and they do deliveries but - they didn't set up all of the sweet little vignettes to make their new "hospital" like an imaginary place.

It's a big fucking gift shop.

The entire place is open - one huge room. With displays of dolls sitting around, but not the way they used to be - as though they live there. They're just on display. The entire "adoption" thing is lost to me now. It's just a place to go buy dolls.

Maybe they aren't done. Maybe it's going to change. But seriously. LAME.

I'm in no hurry to go back and the other place was a fun place to run up to, fresh mountain air, nothing to do on a Saturday - let's go to Babyland. The kids would play and we'd watch the creepy little dolls be born and it was - nice. Wholesome. I don't know.

It's OK now. But they kind of washed out the magic in their new build. I hope they figure out how to put it back.