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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Love Helen GA

Okay so the husband and I love cheese and not just the kind from cows. We love the touristy, the cheesy, the silly.....we embrace our inner ten year old at every turn.
Conequentely, we love Helen GA.
Nestled in the north Georgia mountains, this tourist-mecca-faux-alpine village brings out all walks of life in it's quest to suck up all your remaining dollars not yet given up at the pump.
We rolled up there a few days ago just to have a little r and r.
What sort of goofy things are there to do in Helen?

Windchimes and rocks? And an AIRBRUSH TATTOO!
This is a brilliant business model. I am totally buying all of these things next time I go.
Places NOT to eat in Helen? I'm not saying which one seems like a bad idea. YOU decide.
We went to our favorite candy shop - Hansel and Gretel and bought some goodies, then sat and watched the great sea of humanity pass around us, as we ate candy in the fresh mountain air.

If you're too cool to enjoy the silly cheesy factor of Helen GA, you are way too uptight. Seriously. Have some candy, have some fun.

Just watch out for Cannibals.....


TupeloHoney said...

My family goes to Helen every year for vacation, and have since I was a child. I think the draw for us is more the mountains themselves than the kitschy tourist-trap of Helen, although we never fail to make a stop or three at Betty's Country Store during our trip. (Those giant cookies... Mmmm...) And of course, fudge at Hansel and Gretel! Whenever I'm not there, I want to be. I should probably just move there, but unfortunately, my job is here. Stupid jobs.