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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bath Bomb

I'm still out of town.
But I get to go back home tomorrow.
For three days I've lived a bit like a spoiled teenager, strewing clothes around my room aimlessly, watching shitty tv (I gave up the opportunity to watch TAXI CAB CONFESSIONS to come down here to write, and some skinny dude was talking about how much he likes to hit it with the BIG girls so you know I had something to say). I've also been eating really expensive food on the company expense acct but I'm just telling you that to be a jerk - it isn't relevant.

But tonight, at Mall of America with my boss I wandered into one of my favorite stores - BASIN. I had decided I'd pick up a bath bomb and have a bath tonight before bed (which I've already done thank you it was lovely, I even sat and read some Hollis Gillespie but I digress).

But standing there in the store, I started thinking about bath bombs.

And I wanted one.

A special one.

Usually we buy that sort of treat for ourselves as a get-away, a retreat from the world. Like tonight, I was laying in a luxurious bath of moraccan scents (which apparently means cinnamon) reading a book and just being a sloth.

I wanted a different bath bomb.

A bath bomb of celebration. A bath bomb of the future.

You see, my new house, if it IS my new house, has the most fantastic bathtub I will have ever had in my adult life. All I could think was.......I can take my first bath in my new tub in my NEW HOUSE.....

Bombs Away.