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Monday, July 07, 2008

I Live Here Now

I haven't felt plugged into the place since day 1. It's felt like a place I was just killing time. Getting up, going to work, visiting random places, coming home, going to bed, getting back up and going to work.

Not drudgery, but - just not....attached to any of it.

The entire GA experience has really felt like something I'm watching versus something I'm doing.

But something changed over the 4th weekend. As we sat, as a family, on a courthouse square eating hand dipped corn dogs and listening to the cover band.......I felt it. Surrounded by red white and blue swagging, the people laughing and talking - the politicians handing out little fans...there was a sense of belonging in the air that I hadn't gripped yet.

I also probably hadn't reached out for it. But you get the point.

I live here now.