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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You can get here by Railway.....

Or apparently by Googling the following things.....
* The Advantages of Having a Large Family is still fairly popular. People - just make your bowl of WORMS IN THE DIRT, quit trying to justify it.
* Sarcasm in Margaret Atwood - ummmm, I'm a pretty big Atwood fan and not sure how this fits in with any posts......but, okay.
* Zoo Lane Coloring - more buttholes being referenced thanks to Sarah no doubt.
* Devra Wang - Devra, explain please.....
* SEASONED HEAD IN A BOX (what the hell is WRONG with you people)
* Biggest Zit - yes, yes, that was me. World's biggest zit factory one week.
* Making Body Scrub with Sand Bad for Shower - Ummm, are you an idiot? Salt or sugar for exfoliating there, chief. Okay?
* Astornomy - YES THANK YOU! THANK YOU IDIOT AT NASA FOR THE TYPO you are now bringing people TO my blog. God bless.
But the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of all searches that landed you here........is.....

I have tons of stuff to write about my trek back to the memorial in Lexington, but I have to put it all right in my mind before I write it down.

Here is one more nugget for you godless sinners out there.


Hoosier Heathen said...

My eyes! My eyes!

I'd seen these otherwise (while frequenting my other heathen sites), and the thing that really stuck out the most was the striking resemblance to the Crusades-era armor.

This, to me, would qualify as certifiable child-abuse. Imagine the years of therapy the poor kids who get stuffed into these tacky (and by appearances) highly-flammable freaksuits - don't forget the matching "Helmet of Salvation" and "Shield of Faith" pillow while pre-ordering the accompanying AoG Blankie - will end up having to go through to recover some semblance of normalcy back.


These are gonna be the kids that host sites like "Seasoned Head in a Box", like Gwynneth Paltrow in Seven. :)

Devra said...

Well, you forced ME to google "Devra Wang". Devra Wang is a scientist who works for the Natural Resources Defense Council. By the looks of things, she defends the world against global warming.

I am relieved she is not in the adult entertainment industry.