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Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Few Housekeeping Items in Lieu of a Real Post

I'm still in a bit of a mental trough after the plane crash, so instead of waxing morose I thought I would toss a few pieces of random whatnot into the blogosphere.

  • In the google Searches - HEAD IN A BOX is coming up way too frequently and getting you to my site. I promise you that there are NO pictures of heads in boxes on this site. Although I am a fan of making people watch BOXING HELENA and pretending it's good and I like it a lot and then laughing my ass off after they've sat through the whole thing (you are welcome, my latest victims Scott and Nikki.)

  • Why do the damn pens on the Aquadoodle not adhere to the righty-tighty lefty-loosey rule for unscrewing and screwing them on? What twit devised them that way and WHY?

  • Big Ass Fans said that they would send me some BIG ASS SWAG for blogging about them (see Draft Day Suit: I'm Not Here To Start No Trouble......) about them. I would like to go on to say that I think that BIG ASS FANS is the BEST FREAKING FAN COMPANY ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET and I hope that if they send me a t-shirt that they psychicly know that I am a BIG person (they are probably AVID WANG readers so this shouldn't be a problem) and would know that my giant hooters really require like an XL.

  • I am going to start minding my Weight Watchers points again next week as I think that one week of gratuitous face feeding justified by grief is probably enough. I also think I put on like 10 pounds.

  • Just for the record, for those of you eyeballing the mad number of kids I have, no I'm neither Catholic Nor Mormon. But thanks for being a bigot. I'm sorry if this seems to come out of no where but I guess I got it back on my mind from the The Queen's
  • post and figured I might as well put it out there. The quantity of children in my house has no religious mandate behind it. It does make me laugh, however, that some poor sap Googling "the advantages of having a large family" over in the UK kept hitting my blog piece about making a vat of worms in the dirt. GO FOR IT. HAVE MORE KIDS to JUSTIFY that vat of WORMS IN THE DIRT. You know you want it.

    I have a lot of things swirling around my heart. I'd say swirling around my mind, but that implies direction of thought and coherence. I don't really have any of that right now. I saw crash pictures online and on TV that were more emotionally devasting that the news itself, I think. And the one question that troubles me every time I open up my address book in email is this. What is the appropriate etiquette for the email addresses of the departed? I now have email addresses in my address book of two people that died. Is it appropriate to delete them? Should I do it symbolically at some point to signify to myself the end of grieving? They seem to be reminding me every time I see them that these people aren't there, but I haven't deleted them. Christy passed away in MAY and I still have hers. Hell I saved her last email for a long time and finally realized that it meant nothing to save it and let it go. I didn't feel better or worse for it.

    That probably meant it was the right time to delete it. I know I said I wasn't going to get morose.........sorry....


    Anonymous said...

    Oh no, we weren't reading your brain waves, and I just sent a hat. Have no fear though, I will send you an XL t-shirt since we're the greatest company ever!

    Have a great day!