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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rudy Guiliani - 9/11 and Sesame Street Hero

Because I am a protective parent (as is the spouse) we protect the small ones from the horrors of the world by watching ZERO regular television in front of them. The stuff we do watch we watch on delay so we can fast forward through the commercials in case of questionable content. The sum of our annual "regular" TV watching would be NFL games and American Idol. That's about it. Other than that, it's documentaries (nonviolent, non WAR related, non sex related), travel or food shows or kids shows. This might sound extreme, especially if you don't HAVE kids, but preserving their innocence is a losing battle and I will fight that battle as long as I have to.
So in the wake of our 9/11 anniversary we were ever watchful of what was on, not wanting planes slammimg into sky scrapers to fill little heads with nightmares that many of us are still recovering from the reality of.
During the Colts/Giants it was particulary difficult, as it took place on Sept 10th.
But we did a pretty good job and I was proud of being quickdraw on the remote during commercial breaks.
However, at the beginning of the game they showed Guiliani in the crowd at the game and my three year old says "Oh look there's that guy."
It gave me considerable pause........HOW WOULD HE KNOW GUILIANI?
"What guy sweetie?"
"You know Mommy that famous guy, that guy right there."
"Why is he famouse sweetie?"
"He was on Sesame Street mommy."
I got choked up and answered "That man used to be the mayor of New York."
To which he answered "That's where Sesame Street is. That's the guy from Sesame Street."
Guiliani, from now you will forever be the guy from Sesame street to me. Well done.


Frank said...

Since he was fascinated by New York because of Ghostbusters, I taught him that Sesame Street is supposed to be in New York. Everyone that visits must live there in his mind. I wish I could live there.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Whatever works for Rudy. And Lou.