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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Return To High Heels

It seems like I've been in a nonstop state of foot problems for the past few years. I broke my foot working in one of our branches. I broke a toe. I broke THE OTHER TOE horribly. Or was it the same toe? I can't even recall.

The last toe break in conjunction with my tendonosis in the same foot is a combo that's rendered me a victim of comfortable shoes for some time. I've done physical therapy to repair the atrophy in that foot (huge fan of the TENS machine here). But wearing heels had slipped away. My toe, previously broken, would go numb and then start shooting bolts of fire-death-pain up my foot into my ankle. My knees seemed to hate the heels. I wore heels to our holiday party for a few hours and frankly, my hips took months to forgive me. I'm not sure they've recovered.

So I'm not sure what I was thinking when I picked out wedge heels for new work shoes. I'm kind of lazy in that I want to slip on shoes just any shoes and walk out the door. They need to meet my needs for dresses, slacks, capris, skirts and jeans. I need magic shoes. Generally I've met that need with this or that sensible shoe that missed in some category. I've had some Clark's walking shoes that were BRILLIANT but not really quite so perfect with skirts. My Clark's were comfy enough that I'd honestly just slap on some black tights and pretend the went with skirts too.

But after taking my "work shoes" for a stroll a few times, I've realized something. I can wear heels again. Sure, they hurt. Heels suck. But heels are BRILLIANT. And I can WALK in heels, I was lucky to have a mother who made sure I knew how to walk in heel (heel to toe girls, roll your foot and walk with confidence).

So today I broke out this pair of heels I got a few years ago,right before the last BIG BREAK of the toe. I bought these heels and I couldn't ever wear them.
They're Liz Claiborne and they're awesome. I rolled around in them today like I was a pro at heels again. When I lived in Florida I was in heels nearly every day. No problem being in heels. None. Today I have to admit, I felt a bit like myself again.

I have a couple more pairs hanging in my closet, collecting dust. Who knows, they may get to come out for a run some time soon?