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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sometimes It's Not Autism

Sometimes it's not, no really.

For instance, yesterday, my Miles could not be soothed. He was upset on and off all day. He's got this new thing he'll do. He lets out this closed mouth yell, which to me sound s a bit like the bark of the raptors in Jurassic Park.
Ok maybe not exactly like that but it grates on my nerves the same.

Miles makes this noise, and then Charlie screams. Then after that Miles goes after Charlie, to pull his hair, to pinch him or scratch him. This happened about 6542 times yesterday. It's like the sound is a battle cry. IT'S ON! he's saying. And it IS on as soon as he does it. From that point on if you stop him, he LOSES HIS MIND. He'll directly disobey you to get to Charlie to hurt him. Charlie who stands a head taller than him doesn't seem to know he's got 40 pounds on him or more and could take him. Charlie cries, Miles screams, and mom & dad LOSE THEIR DAMN MINDS.

Last night at bed time, he kept leaning down and grabbing at Charlie and making the faux raptor noise and Charlie would scream. About midnight I sent Miles down to spend time with his dad, thinking he just need "something". Unsure what. But being in that bedroom wasn't it AT ALL.

When I got home from work this evening I learned that last night he had a fever. He was sick.

Regular children act out when they are sick all the time. How much more so autistic children who lack the language to tell you they don't feel good? It's so hard, having these little guys who can't tell me. I have to remember to check for fever, just like a baby.

Parents 0, Autism 1

Next time Autism. Next time.