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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

But Before School Started...

...there was turtle watching. Turtles like humans it seems. They especially like humans who toss them food.
It was in fact a swarm of turtles. What do you call a group of turtles? I don't know. But they were mighty glad for the turtle food we were tossing down.

We drove down to Dauset Trails where we have been many times, it was the first place we ever "went to" in Georgia, not realizing how amazingly far away it was going to be. We still love it, but now it's our place, it reminds us of being new to Georgia, and it's a family tradition.
We can feed piggies and turtles and see lots of amazing rescue animals, while walking in the fresh air and just enjoying the peace of the place. It's priceless.
Some of the animals are easier to touch and love on than others.

It felt like a perfect day, and a great way to end summer, wandering through the woods and saying hello to all of the animals. So many we see every year. The Bald Eagle with only one wing because some asshole shot it with an arrow regards us with thinly veiled contempt each time.
His nest is massive, and I'm guessing he just hops around, they have it set up so that he can. He never deigns to show us his weakness but you know there has to be some way for him to get around, and into his nest.
He is always may favorite.
The day is coming when they won't pose for such silly shots as this one, so I have to cajole them while I can.

School started today. I'm glad we had a perfect day out in the world before we settled back into the routine of alarms and responsibilities. It was wonderful.