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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Poo Harvest

So I've shared with you that we are trying to get our little boy into a special research study that will provide us with an experimental autism treatment.

What I didn't share was that in addition to the trip to North Carolina to be evaluated and interviewed......was that we had to supply a sample.

A sample divided into many tubes and envelopes and what not............

a sample - OF POOP.

A lot of poop.

Poop that had to be scooped with this very tiny thing which should have been like a shovel but was instead FORKED according to my sweet husband who actually collected poop from the pile and dispensed it into the little tubes.

My job was to take it to QUEST today - where I got the "Hi you are not a patient you are technically a courier so come to the back and let us show you how this works" tour. It was weird. You know those people who just WALK IN to places that you and I wait to be called into? I'm one of them at QUEST - at least I am if we get into the study.

You see the secret's in the poop. If he is missing certain enzymes that you and I have in our poops - well - he's in.

So cross your fingers that we have enzyme deficient poop.

Charlie needs it so much.

Look at those demon eyes. That can't be good.......


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