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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where Ya Been?

Well, there was snow.

And having been gone from Indiana where the snow is deep I'm afraid that I'm not that adept at adjusting to the freezing cold and inconvenience of WEATHER. I've had to scrape my windows of my car every morning the past few mornings,and I'm quite BITTER about it. QUITE EFFING BITTER.

I live in the SOUTH dammit. Where is my genteel southern lifestyle?
Suddenly I'm outside identifying tracks in the snow.....this is neither genteel nor southern.

We've been out and about and busy, despite the weather. We caught the DaVinci exhibit down at the HIGH MUSEUM OF ART downtown and no, I couldn't take any cool pictures lest I damage the integrity of the brilliant art we were seeing. DaVinci can make your head spin.

The boy wanted to stand there, because he wanted to make sure everyone could see the horses junk. See that grin? He thinks he's being hilarious. I sort of thought he was too. This is a reproduction (I hope) of the Sforza horse that DaVinci created. I believe the original is in Milan.

We also went to one of our favorite Atlanta Museums lately, the Booth Museum of Western Art (lovingly known as the COWBOY MUSEUM) where they got in some Warhols recently that were quite festive.

The kids love it because there is a super cool western themed play area in the basement.

And now I think all I can say for today is .........GO COLTS!