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Monday, January 25, 2010

Bowling Champions of a Sort

I'm sort of torn when maybe I should be happy. But it's a lot to take in, BOTH of your twins being autistic. The odds of it are actually quite low - so you know, we got dealt a rather unfair hand when it all comes down to it.
You do get used to things, the short bus for instance. It's the stuff of jokes and ridicule - the kids and friends who are not YOURS ride the short bus. Because they're stupid right?
No, not really. They are unable to function as you do. But it's not nearly as funny that way, I know. But we're rather accustomed to the short bus. And the things that come with Special Education - the things that no parent ever actually wants to know anything about, given their druthers.

But, when the forms came home - the permission slips for them to participate in the Special Olympics - it nearly broke us. Who WANTS that? Who WANTS their children in the damn Special Olympics? I don't. I suppose if I were a better person I'd suck it up and smile but if you want honesty - then no.
I don't want them in it.

Too late.

And despite my heartbreak over the situation - the stigma which SHOULD NOT exist yet does....when their teacher told me that my Baby Birth of Cool LOVES to bowl - and she just beamed when she said it, I knew I couldn't actually deny them this.

There is part of your pride that says NO! NOT MY CHILDREN! And then there is the reality check when they skip down the driveway to get on that little short bus, and they get strapped in - for their own safety - and you realize yeah - My Children.

My children were in the Special Olympics. And despite being heartbroken .....

.....I am so so proud of them.


landismom said...

Look at those smiles! They look great!

cakeburnette said...

I have a friend who's boy/girl twins are autistic & have Asperger's. I remember the pain she described when the second one was diagnosed. But remember that differently-abled is just that--not less or inferior. You're doing such a spectacular job with your boys and I so admire you.

6512 and growing said...

Well said. And congratulations to those boys.

EKG said...

You're boys are awesome. You are an awesome mom.
They most likely bowl better than I do. :) I miss you all!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and have been back reading. I felt a connection with you over the size of your daughter, both my sons were over 10 lbs, both delivered naturally so take heart it can be done! This post though I feel like I could have written. My youngest took the short bus to preschool, partook in special olympics and today is on the honor roll in 8th grade having been 'graduated' from an iep in 6th grade, something I never dared think about when westarted on his spec. ed. journey 12 years ago.
I guess I just want to let you know that all the support you are giving and getting for them now will reap unimaginable benefits in thier futures. Best of luck to you all!