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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There Were No Portents Or Omens - NOT ONE!

We loaded up the car - quite literally, and innocently began driving south for our first real family vacation.

It wasn't our fault. We couldn't have known. How were we supposed to know that what started out as almost just spitting up for Baby Birdman would turn into Pukefest 09? HOW WERE WE TO KNOW?

We resorted to making him wear this bib in the car which actually did catch the puke just fine, but still, it didn't ever really occur to us that it just wasn't something he ate and he'd get better.

Kids throw up sometimes then BOOM they're all better and you just move on.

We were still pretty optimistic about our short trip to Florida though, as we pulled into our hotel at our stopping point in northern FLA.

I suppose we just should've known it wouldn't be that easy.


rabidxdisease said...

i say, you have the most interesting stories. I envision family guy puke fest with this posting. I am sorry vaca was less than perfect for you.


try again soon!