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Sunday, April 19, 2009

It Wasn't All Bad

Despite the illness and the vomit, and the poop- don't forget the horrible torrent of poop all over the backseat of the car, despite ALL of that....it truly wasn't a bad vacation. I'm still reeling from it in a lot of ways, but still - there were high points.

Such as Dinosaur World!

And visiting the MIGHTY WURLITZER of my childhood which now resides in Ellenton Fla - at The Roaring 20s Pizza joint.....which was EXCELLENT as always!

Did I mention they had ice cream there? If you've never heard a Mighty Wurlitzer shake an entire building with it's power, well I can't describe it for you. But it's one of the great musical wonders of the world and I HIGHLY recommend it.

The best part, however, in terms of pure vacationy fun - was the beach. My Florida babies returned to their native sand and surf to dig and run and play. We needed to leave at about 2pm to get home at a decent time. We left Tampa Bay at about 9pm - that is what a good time we were having.

I mean you can't argue with this kind of joy - can you?

We miss you Florida, but we're getting settled here. I'll admit though, it felt like home, sitting down in those waters and letting the gulf roll over me.

But after our week of Spring Break......we returned and our entire world changed......because this happened....

That's right. We've got a week of Autism Pre-K under our belts. It's like we're pro's already.

Who knows what next week will hold??!?!


Dave Stone said...

So on my RSS feed from the blogs I follow, I have the last two titles. Yours now reads:

How being invited into a threesome is useful.
It wasn't all bad.

Frank said...


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

After all of that the thing I can't believe is how freaking TALL the twins look.

molly said...

Dinosaur world looks awesome! What town is this in? Love the photos. I'm glad there was some light at the end of your vacation tunnel.